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Pretty skin! Are you crazy on fair skin? Make you require to make fair skin two times? Fair skin is a dream for several. Your skin is the imager of your beauty and personality. It gives you ultimate protection from pollution and other harmful causes of disease.

Honey And Curd For Pretty Skin

Dab honey on your face for around 15 minutes. You can also mix sugar by curd, lemon or licorice for getting soft, light, as well as fair complexion. This plan is mainly for a combination or any dry skin. Honey replenishes the skin very strong, and the mixture of curd and food has a lot of Vitamin C, which can act very well on the Pretty Skin and give it glow well.

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Lemon Including Sugar Scrub

Lemon and sugar are common scrubbers to be used for your face. It also helps to make fair Pretty Skin in 2 days.

  • Combine one spoon of sugar in the juice of 1 lemon. Rub on your face on with body till sugar dissolves totally.
  • This home therapy is a very helpful class tip for receiving a supple and fair skin for your delicate skin. Wash completely.
  • Pat, it dry and apply a moisturizer.

This is essentially a natural and rapid scrubbing treatment. In this one, the sugar is what scales the Pretty Skin, and the lemon makes the pretty Skin glow. There is citric acid present in the lemon, which gives your skin shine.

Milk And Banana For Clean Skin

You can take slices of banana and mash them and later apply to your face for instant nourishment as great. Make sure that the bananas are soft just because that makes it even great. Bananas are also known to be very good tonics for both skin and hair as it gives a lot of moisture and shine.

Beauty Codes For Glowing Skin

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Thinking of moving for those face wipes? Stop! While washing your face seems to be a simple way out, most face wipes are loaded with elements that could do your skin also harm than good. Plus, scrubbing and pulling at your skin, especially the sensitive skin around eyes, is a big no.

Say no to solvents as they strip the Pretty Skin of its original oils and dry it out, making the Pretty Skin to break out. Soaps also disrupt the pH level of the skin. Invest in a great face wash that is gentle and changes your skin type. Use the lukewarm liquid to lather up and rinse your face as it tin help open skin pores. See that hot water can create skin dry.


Toners serve to exclude traces of dirt or makeup left behind by your shampoo. They also restore the pH of your skin, check acne, and shrink pores. Astringents and alcohol-based toners can be hard on your Pretty Skin by causing excessive aridity. When picking a toner, go for one that is clear of alcohol and with parts that suit your Pretty Skin kind.

If you own acne-prone Pretty Skin, a toner including alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) will be your greatest bet. Toners with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, glycerine, and vitamin C work great for normal to succession type skin.


Moisturiser is great for all skin types, also oily. Yes, you read that right; the key lies in choosing a product that goes for your Pretty Skin. Moisturizers work best when applied to fresh, damp skin – this not only improves your skin absorb the moisturizer great but keeps moisture locked in for a great time too.

Massage moisturizer on your face gently. During the day, do one that also offers sunscreen; at night, use a nourishing moisturizer that relaxes and improves your skin.

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