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1. Start by using foundation and concealer.

Using foundation plus concealer. will help to secure a more even cover for your highlighter and extra Makeup Tips. Concealer can help to cover minor imperfections and improve your skin even more. Use the time to apply your usual company before you begin to use any highlighter and apply concealer if desired
Use a sponge or powder cover to blend your company well all across your face.

If you own any dark rings or minor defects, use some concealer to score a little extra coverage to the areas. This will do it easier for you to draw awareness to the highlighted fields as well.

You can also apply concealer to map out the areas wherever you plan to apply highlighter. Attempt applying a few spots of concealer onto the platform of your nose, on your cheekbones, under the center of your front, under your eyes, also in the fold on your jaw. Make sure that you mix the concealer well.

2. Utilize highlighter to the tips of your cheekbones.

Take a blush cover or a kabuki touch and use it to use a bit of highlighter from your churches to the tops of your cheekbone in a C-shaped curve. You can use one coat for a subtle effect or apply many layers for more great highlights

3. Dab a light highlighter on this tip of your nose.

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Get a touch of highlighter onto your fingertip and then dab it onto the tip of your nose. Run your finger back and forth to mix the highlighter. Identify that you do not need enough highlighter, just a little dab.

4. Clean some highlighter under the center of your forehead.

To strengthen the center of your forehead, you can clear some highlighter under the center of your forehead towards the game of your nose. Start in the middle of your hairline on your forehead also sweep through downwards.
If you need a more dramatic highlighting result, then you can clean the highlighter all the way under the bridge of your nose, but that is free.

Improving Your Eyes, Lips, and Chin

1. Use highlighter to the inner edges of your eyes.

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Use a highlighting eyeshadow touch and get a little highlighter on the tip. Then, use the brush and push it into the edges of your inner eyelids.
You can use a couple of layers if you need a more dramatic result or just apply a light dusting for any subtle highlights.

2. Clear highlighter onto your brow osseins.

The areas just under your eyebrows will make a lot of light, so this is a nice space to highlight. Try clearing highlighter over your front bones, the areas just under your eyebrows.
Try to have most of the highlighter on the outside edges of your eyebrow bone. You do not want to apply highlighter to your whole brow bone.

You can also increase the Makeup Tips highlighter hair towards the folds of your eyelids for an extra eye-brightening result.

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